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100 4th Ave SE

Suite 1

Plainview, MN 55964


Senior Accountant

JackHarvey LLC in Plainview, MN is seeking a CPA or candidate with 2+ years of experience in public accounting.  Our firm of seven employees is located near Rochester, MN, several state parks and the Mississippi River.  Responsibilities of this position include tax preparation (1040,1065,1120,1120S), compiled and reviewed financial statements, client interviews, QuickBooks support, communication with taxing authorities, payroll, and tax research.  Attributes will include strong communication skills, client focus, problem solving ability, participation in team environment, and commitment to professional growth. Qualified individuals will have an excellent opportunity for ownership possibilities. We recognize the importance of work/life balance.  Typical hours for January-April are 50-55 hours per week and for May-December are 34-40 hours per week.  Interested parties may send resume, cover letter and references to or JackHarvey LLC 100 4th Avenue SE, Suite 1, Plainview, MN  55964.